20 Best WordPress Adult Tube Themes

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There are tons of porn and adult tube websites out there. But how many of them are actually well-designed websites?

Have you ever wondered what separates good and successful porn websites from the bad and unsuccessful ones? The answer is simple – their design.

So if you are starting an adult tube website, we advise you to pay special attention to the design of your website. But you don’t have to worry about the design, because we’ve got you covered. Even if you have no understanding of website design and coding!

We’ve composed a list of the best premium WordPress adult tube themes currently available on the market and divided the list into categories. All you have to do is read our article and figure out which theme best suits your needs.

First, we’re going to list the ones that repeat the schemes of some of the most famous porn websites – RedTube, Xvideos, PornHub, and XHamster. These will work great for you if you want to stick to the safe and classic models.

We also have a category with themes that are a bit more unique, if you want to create a refreshingly new, modern website.


RedTube clones

This category is dedicated to adult tube WordPress themes made to resemble RedTube.

RedTube Layout

All of these themes have a similar layout and design to RedTube, with some slight changes. They all have a simple and clean design that emphasizes the content over anything else – like most adult tube themes do.

However, the biggest drawback of all these themes is that they are too similar to one another, especially the ones designed by XWPThemes. It seems that the developers tried to add something new to a few of these themes, but this could have been executed much better.

Even so, if you don’t mind the unoriginal design, these themes are fully functional. What’s more important, they put the videos in the center of attention. Plus, all of the themes have a lot of space reserved for ad banners.



ResTube Layout

It’s no coincidence that the name ResTube sounds like a bad copy of RedTube, because that’s exactly what this theme is – a bad copy, although a bit different. You know, the way all bad copies are a bit different from their originals.




ZingTube Layout

ZingTube looks a bit like a combination of RedTube and Xvideos. In particular, the positioning of the videos has a very Xvideos vibe.




YameTube Layout

YameTube is very similar to the previous theme, with very few details changed.




YoloTube Layout

Just like the other XWPThemes, this one is another copy of RedTube. Hovewer, this theme also incorporates certain elements from the previous theme – YameTube.




BuceTube - Demo Layout

BruceTube is similar to the previous adult tube WordPress themes on our list, but it features a somewhat livelier coloring.




RosaTube Layout

RosaTube is actually a slightly improved version of BruceTube. The main difference is the the addition of two useful navigation bars.




KuteTube Layout

KuteTube has a bit more original design compared to the previous themes, but it’s a still a copy of a copy.




MonaTube Layout

MonaTube is one of the more interesting WordPress adult tube themes from XWPThemes. The uppermost part is definitely a variation of RedTube, but the segment with the videos is much more unique than on the previous themes.




VidMad Layout

VidMad is different than the rest of the themes in this category. Above all, there seems to be a lot more ad space, which is always a good thing. The more ads you have, the more money you can make with your website.



WP Black Adult Tube Theme

WP-Tube-Plugin Layout

This adult video theme looks the most professional in this category. The color scheme is much more modern and neat, plus you can change it – you have over 100 colors to choose from! So this theme really allows you to express your creativity.



Xvideos clones

In this category, you’ll find themes that have a very strong Xvideos feel to them.

Xvideos Layout

Only one of these is a proper clone of Xvideos. The rest of them borrow some elements – either the search and navigation bar solutions, or the layout of the videos, but remain original in other parts.

Furthermore, all of them have the basic features of tube sites. They have the navigation bar and the categories section and of course, ad spaces. They also contain features such as galleries, porn stars profiles, self-hosted videos and the option for users to upload videos.

Even though these themes are pretty imitative and repetitive, you still have enough room for personalization.



ZetaTube Layout

ZetaTube is another adult tube WordPress theme from My Tube Press. This theme takes some elements from Xvideos, but combines them in new ways to create a more appealing design.




xHotTube Layout

XHotTube resembles Xvideos, but only slightly. So this is not just another copy of Xvideos, although it does borrow the basic scheme of Xvideos.



Premium Xvideos Adult Tube Theme

WP-Tube-Plugin Layout

This adult tube theme looks almost like an exact copy of Xvideos, but just a tiny bit different. Therefore, if you want to completely replicate this popular porn website, this is the perfect theme for you.



PornHub clones

In this category, we’re going to list the themes that are based on the popular porn site PornHub.

Pornhub Layout

When we talk about similarities between PornHub and these themes, we primarily refer to the layout.

But that doesn’t mean that their designs are original. They still repeat the same tried and tested models that we’ve seen in themes from previous categories. The changes are usually seen in smaller details – the position of the logo, search bar, or navigation bar. The ad spaces are positioned differently, and the layout of the videos is more diverse.

All of these themes are are well-designed and completely functional. Needless to say, all of them have every important feature an adult tube website could ever need, all the features that we’ve already mentioned – self-hosted videos, user submission, photo and porn star galleries.



HubTube Layout

HubTube – the name says it all! Here is another adult video theme that’s almost an exact clone of PornHub. However, some new and original elements are implemented here.



XHamster clone

Here’s a theme that closely resembles XHamster, with some differences in design.



WP White Adult Tube Theme

WP-Tube-Plugin Layout

The color scheme of this theme is light, just like XHamster, with a white background. On the top part, there’s a search bar and next to it is the option to choose a different language – similar to the top part of XHamster.

The bottom part repeats the basic layout of XHamster, with videos from different categories taking up most of the space. Left of the videos is a categories segment.

Aside from the default color scheme, you can choose a different one – there are about 140 different color schemes available.

Furthermore, this theme has all the features that are necessary for a good adult tube website. There are galleries for photos and porn stars, plus the self-embed video options. There’s also an option for users to upload their own videos.



Other/Unique themes

The final category in our article lists the themes that are a lot more unique than the previous entries.

All of them have the same content-centered layout, but a much more creative design. That’s what distinguishes them from the adult tube themes that copy the designs of big porn websites.

Tube Go

TubeGo Layout

Tube Go is a modern adult video theme. The BangThemes developers claim it has an ads focused layout, and there really are a lot of spaces for ad banners.

The default color scheme relies on pink and purple, with videos taking up most of the homepage space.




Bestia Layout

Bestia is a fairly simple, but functional and unique adult tube WordPress theme. Its main focus lies on the content over everything else.

The theme design is a clean and classic look with a white background a hot pink logo. However, you have full freedom to personalize this design.




KingTube Layout

KingTube is a very clear and simple adult video theme.

It looks plain, with its white background. The only noticeable color here is the blue logo in the upper left corner, next to the search bar.

But still, you are not limited to this default design – you can customize the theme to your liking, with over 50 different options at your disposal.




RetroTube Layout

This theme’s name is a little misleading – it’s not at all retro! It’s actually a very modern theme, with the only retro thing being its logo.

RetroTube is nicely designed, with a black background, and the videos neatly displayed. There are numerous ad spaces available in various places on the home page. However, it does not offer any plugins, which is a huge issue if you want anything that’s not a barebone website with zero chances to succeed.




PornX By Vicetemple

By far the best adult tube theme on the market comes from Vicetemple in the form of PornX. This modern theme comes packed with useful features and nine premium plugins – all of which you get for free with the standard license that costs just $99.

If you don’t want to worry about buying or needing additional plugins or features, PornX is the choice for you. It has everything you need to run a successful porn website and more. Best of all? It’s built on WordPress, and it offers 9 premade niche designs for different porn sites. It can’t get better than this!


And that’s it – you’ve seen our review of the 20 best WordPress adult tube themes. Now, all you have to do is pick one!

However, remember that these are premium, paid themes which require you to invest some money. If you’d prefer not to invest in a theme, feel free to check out our list of the 25 Best Free Adult WordPress Themes.

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