5 Best Pornhub Clone Scripts

If you’ve ever dreamed of running your own empire like Pornhub, you’re in luck. Nowadays, there’s a fair share of Pornhub clone scripts to help you make that dream come true.

To clarify, clone scripts are ready-made templates that mimic the look and functionality of popular sites. So, Pornhub scripts allow you to replicate this smut giant without spending a fortune.

Since not all of them are created equal, we decided to buy the popular ones and test them for a month. In this article, we’ve reviewed their features and laid out the pros and cons.

Read on to get all the info!

What to Look For When Picking A Pornhub Clone Script

First off, let us say that using a quality script to build your Pornhub doppelganger is a big effing deal.

By choosing the wrong one and realizing it’s not up to snuff after a couple of months, you won’t just be throwing money away. You’ll also need to buy another script and build a new site from scratch.

Sure, the demos can give you a sneak peek into what everything will look like. However, they can’t really show you how the script will behave once you’re running a full-blown site on it.

That’s why it’s essential that you research all your options well. When weighing your choices, here are the key features to consider:

Responsiveness: You’ll want your site to look hot and work well on every device. After all, 97% of Pornhub viewers accessed the site from their mobile phones in 2022. In light of that, and Google’s switch to mobile-first indexing, if the script isn’t responsive — it’s flat-out useless.

Customization options: Even if you’re ripping off Pornhub, you still want the end result to be unique. Being able to fine-tune your site’s look and functionality will give you the edge and help you turn heads instead of blending in.

Flexible monetization: Having a good choice of monetization methods will help you make the most of your platform and milk it for all its worth.

User-friendliness: If your viewers can quickly find exactly what they need to scratch their itch, they’ll keep coming back. Likewise, a website that’s easy to manage will save you valuable time and effort.

Video import features: Your site should have a variety of plugins that’ll automate the process of uploading, importing, and embedding videos.

Front-end design: Although most of the scripts try to copy Pornhub, some of them have dated designs that make them a far cry from the original.

Advanced features: You’ll want your site to sport advanced options like hover-over video previews, filters, community features, and others.

The Best Pornhub Clone Scripts

With the foreplay out of the way, let’s dive deep into the Pornhub clone scripts, leaving the best for last!

5. Pornhub Adult Porn Tube Theme by WP-Tube-Plugin

WP-Tube-Plugin-Demo jpeg

There are several reasons why Pornhub Adult Porn Tube Theme deserves the bottom rank on our list — apart from its name.

For starters, it’s based on WordPress, which can’t handle a high number of videos or requests. As such, it’s only suitable for small sites.

Besides, the company’s website raises all kinds of red flags — the written content screams kid wrote this, they’re always pushing sales and the discounts are plain ridiculous.

All things considered, you can’t really expect a high-end product or top-notch support from such a company.

On the other hand, it is the cheapest option on the market that provides a functional Pornhub design. Being a WordPress script, it’s also easy to manage.

In addition, it’s fully responsive and lets you tweak the design any way you like. Namely, you can choose between 140 color schemes and change the theme’s width, as well as the background image.

With more than 20 ad spaces, the Paid Membership Subscription plugin, and the discount code option, it offers plenty of ways to monetize your site.

Speaking of options, your viewers get to choose their preferred payment method thanks to the 7 payment gateways on signup.

As for other features, there’s a video trailer preview option on mouse hover to help tease your viewers.

And if you don’t mind blowing your own trumpet, there are add-ons like the Fake View Counter and Fake Video Rating. These can boost your site’s rep and help you fake it till you make it.

All in all, if you’re planning to run a small site for a niche audience, this script will let you do that without breaking the bank.


You can get WP-Tube-Plugin’s Pornhub theme for only $99. That said, if you want to use any of the plugins and extra options that we’ve mentioned above, you’ll have to pay additionally.

Specifically, a bundle of 20 add-ons will cost you $199. As an alternative, you can pay $499 and get those plugins and 10 different themes, including the Pornhub theme.

However, thanks to the never-ending discounts that we’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll likely be able to get the theme for $29.

Variety of monetization options
No mention of SEO optimization
Fully responsive
Not suitable for big sites with heavy traffic
Fake reviews on their site
Attractive pricing
Unreliable company with no reputation
Poor customer support

 View Demo Buy Now

4. FamousTube by WP-Script

FamousTube-Demo jpeg

WP-Script offers a variety of themes for the WordPress framework. Specifically, FamousTube is a Pornhub rip-off.

Aside from being a no-go for big porn sites with heavy traffic, it also comes with poor customer support. That said, as an EU-based company with a solid rep, WP-Script is more reliable than the previous one.

Talking about specifics, the theme is responsive on tablets and laptops, with a dedicated mobile version.

Next, the live preview options will let you see what everything will look like before publishing. Thanks to that, you’ll get to fine-tune your site until you’re happy with the result.

Once your site goes live, you can import and embed videos and also allow your viewers to submit their own smut. You know what they say — it takes a village to raise a porn empire.

Speaking of videos, they’ll be played through a responsive and mobile-ready HTML5 Player. There’s also the option of a video trailer on the mouse over the thumbnail to help the viewers make a choice.

Conveniently, the FamousTube theme is compatible with all WP-Script Plugins. However, be aware that you’ll have to fork over extra for each of them.

So, although the theme itself is cheap, only the essential plugins will cost you $432 if bought separately. And without them, the theme will be borderline useless.

While we’re on the topic of money, there are plenty of spots to place your ads. Namely, you can display banners inside your video listings, in the sidebar and the footer of your video pages, and over or under the video player.

However, there’s no premium membership feature or payment gateway integration. Obviously, this is a huge drawback that seriously limits your earning options.


FamousTube for one site will set you back $49. However, you can get better deals for 5 sites ($69) or an unlimited number ($99).

SEO readyPoor client support
Easy to customizeWordPress based
Fully responsiveSubstantial extra costs
AffordableLimited monetization options

View Demo Buy Now

3. Adult Video Script by AVSCMS

AVSCMS-Demo jpg

Losing control in the bedroom can feel amazing. In business, though, you always want to have a handle on things.

Luckily, with Adult Video Script, you’ll have more control over your site’s features than a domme over her slaves. For starters, the script allows full customization, meaning you can mold your site however you please.

Next, you can let viewers contribute by uploading videos and photos and creating blogs. After making profiles on the community page, they can follow each other and like, share, and comment on posts.

Still, you’ll get to keep a tight leash on all that and choose what you want to approve, delete, or suspend.

But what truly sets this script apart are the games. Yup, there’s an option of uploading porn games with the SWF extensions.

Users can play them and interact with each other by commenting, rating, and sharing those games. Again, you call the shots on what’s approved.

As for the videos, you can upload, embed, or import more than 20 formats in multiple resolutions. Thanks to the fully responsive template, all this will look amazing regardless of the device.

Finally, the premium membership system will let you have free and paying members and charge extra for your premium content. Plus, with 20 different ad spots on your website, you’ll get to monetize the heck out of your site.

As a downside, the script is based on a custom CMS, meaning you’ll likely have a hard time customizing your site. Because of that, you’ll need plenty of help from a company that doesn’t provide quality customer support.


Amazingly, you can get the basic plan for free. It includes the open-source script, responsive template, free lifetime support, and bug fixes, but you’ll have to shell out for each additional feature.

On the other hand, the all-inclusive bundle ($390) comes with nifty services and plugins. Since these extra charges can quickly pile up, the full package might end up costing you less than the free option.

SEO friendlyPoor client support
Fully customizableDifficult to customize
Responsive template
Amazing community options
The option to upload and play porn games
Great monetization options
Multi-language system

 View Demo Buy Now

2. Mechbunny Tube Script by Mechanical Bunny Media

MechBunnyDemo jpeg

Although the company prides itself on its homegrown CMS, these are usually hard to customize. On top of that, their knowledge base isn’t up-to-date and doesn’t offer any guides to help you with that.

Besides, the out-of-the-box design isn’t Pornhub’s spitting image, which means you’ll have to adjust it yourself.

Another thing they boast about is superior performance, but this time they have a point. Namely, with their Tube Script, even sites with massive traffic work with no hiccups.

Best of all, though, is that it’s an all-in-one solution. In other words, once you purchase Tube Script, you won’t have to get a bunch of add-ons and plugins.

This script comes with too many sleek features to fit into a single article, but we’ll single out several. For starters, it’s customizable, responsive, and SEO-optimized.

You’ll also get a free installation service for the first site and unlimited support. To sweeten the deal, they offer to port over users and content in case you’ve been using another tube script.

Notably, this script is the only one to support VR and 3D video content by default. As such, it’ll help you add a new dimension to smut — literally.

Speaking of smut, there are 9 different ways to populate your site with content, including a built-in tube scraper with support for over 300 sites. Of course, you can let users lend a hand and upload their videos.

Finally, you’ll get to make a buck (or a whole lot of them) with the built-in ad system that supports text and flash ads, banners, and in-player ads.

The payment integration with Epoch, CCbill, and Verotel will allow you to charge per sign-up. On top of that, you can offer to remove ads for a fee and let the paying viewers fap distraction-free.


The regular price for Mechbunny Tube Script is $499. However, you can often snatch it for $399 during sales.

CustomizableCustom CMS that’s tricky to customize
ResponsiveDoesn’t look exactly like Pornhub
Multi-language supportOutdated knowledge base
All-in-one productNo guides on how to customize the CMS
Variety of monetization options
SEO optimized
Plenty of built-in features

 View Demo Buy Now

1. HubX by Vicetemple

HubX Layout


Finally, here’s our top pick — HubX. Since it’s based on KVS, you can use it to build a Pornhub’s identical twin — or upgrade it until you create something entirely new.

Either way, you’ll get free installation and lifelong support. On top of that, you can enjoy free updates for a lifetime and receive tips to help you grow your site.

Besides, Vicetemple’s team will help you with customization — or anything else you might need. With their customer support that leaves all others in the dust, you can be sure your site is in good hands.

When it’s time to smutify your site, you can upload, import, or embed videos from the most popular porn sites. Of course, there’ll be a variety of video formats to choose from.

And just like Pornhub, your site will have sections for categories, pornstars, and community.

Thanks to SEO optimization, you can expect loads of traffic. Luckily, the hoard of porndogs won’t compromise your site’s performance — in fact, with the multi-server system, HubX is designed for a heavy load.

When it comes to monetization, the options of premade ads, paid subscriptions, and membership levels will help you rake it in — big time.

Finally, this script is a one-stop shop, so once you buy it, you’re all set to build your porn enterprise. And while you’re doing it, Vicetemple’s team will be there to support you every step of the way.


If you pay $799, you can get HubX with all its perks for life. But if that sounds like a lot, you don’t need to drop the entire amount right away.

Instead, you can rent it out for $79 a month and see whether you’re a perfect match before committing.

That said, you’ll still need to pay the full price once you make up your mind. In other words, any monthly payment that you might make is money down the drain.

Top-notch tech supportHigh price
Fully customizable
SEO optimized
A full package deal
Includes marketing advice

 View Demo Buy Now

Other Scripts

The above are our top recommendations, and you won’t go wrong with any of them. But if you’d like to consider other options, here are the scripts that didn’t make our list.

xStreamer and xMember by Adent.io

Both xStreamer and xMember come with tons of great features, like advanced streaming technology and handy monetization options. While the former is a tube site script, the latter will let you build a membership site like Brazzers.

Intended for production studios and solo performers, XMember is not a great choice if you’re planning to build a classic tube site.

Regardless, the main trouble with both scripts is the clunky setup process. Namely, as you can’t install them yourself, you’ll have to wait for their team to do it — and this can take a while.

Even worse, they’ll charge you for all sorts of random things. For instance, if you upgrade your server and need to reinstall the scripts, you’ll need to pay for this service, as, again, you can’t do it yourself.

To top it off, Adent.io is being slammed with negative reviews about poor customer support and scamming its clients. Ironically, it seems that the only way to get timely support from them is to publicly post a negative review.

Adult Script Pro

Adult Script Demo

When buying Adult Script Pro, you get to pick between four different product bundles. Thanks to that, you can choose how much you’re willing to spend.

On the other hand, they are upselling the basic features, such as the Premium Membership Module. So, even if you try to save money by getting the cheapest option, you’ll still have to pay extra for various add-ons.

To make matters worse, their site doesn’t have a knowledge base, and the forum hasn’t been updated since 2020. Plus, their About page is broken and dated.

Seeing all this, it’s fair to ask — how can a company that struggles with its own site help you build yours?

Adult Search Script

AdultSearchScript Demo

Similarly, Adult Search Script comes with three different pricing tiers, and you can choose whether you want only basic features or the whole shebang. Of course, the latter has a hefty price tag attached to it.

Besides, this is a multi-purpose solution, and crafting a Pornhub’s lookalike might take plenty of tweaking. Meanwhile, a script built for tube sites will save you time and effort.

Other Scripts

At last, if you’re ready to choose your Pornhub script, you’ll only need two more things — an adult hosting and a domain name. For these, we recommend you check out Vicetemple’s VPS plans and domain services.

However, if none of the Pornhub scripts hit the spot, you can look into other kinds of scripts. Here are some resources to help you with that:


With these Pornhub clone scripts, you’re all set to create your own Pornhub copycat. So, put on your webmaster’s hat, pick a script, and start building your very own money-making machine.

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