25 Best Adult WordPress Themes

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says adult content? Most people think about pornography. However, adult content includes everything that is sexually explicit and that targets the 18+ audience. Sexually explicit videos and images are the most common media that is used to share mature content.

Types of adult websites

If we focus on adult websites, we need to mention all the types of adult websites first. What follows is the complete breakdown of all porn websites.

  • Porn website – This type of adult website is the most popular one. You can find both professional or home-made videos on these sites.
  • Adult forum – Forums are known to be a good place to share opinions and ideas, so many decide to open a forum that will deal specifically with adult content. There, people can share images, videos or simply discuss topics related to sex.
  • Tube site – Here you can upload a large number of video content that can be free or paid. Most importantly, it is one of the easiest website types to make.
  • Webcam site – this is a website where models chat with their customers. It is believed to be the most profitable type, right after porn sites.
  • Membership site – A site where members get access to the content based on a paid subscription. This type of website is very hard to promote.
  • Adult movie theatre site – These sites will make you feel like you are in a cinema, just watching a different type of movie.
  • Fetish site – This type of websites allows people to post anything about their fetishes, such as bondage, BDSM, foot fetish, and slave fetish.
  • Swingers club site – These websites are used to post information about swingers clubs and attract new members.
  • Call girls site – They display information about your services and allow people to hire you.
  • Dominatrix site – Probably the most explicit website type made to suit the sex/erotic niche. Here, people post about their services and wait for somebody who is willing to be submissive.
  • Strip club site – This is pretty straightforward. These websites are made to promote strip clubs and their strippers.
  • Brothel site – The same goes for this type. Girls’ profiles are displayed together with the services that they offer.
  • Escort services site – Here you can hire someone for an adventure or whatever else is stated on their website.
  • Dating site – This type of website is used to meet new people who are looking for a potential relationship.

If you are thinking about starting an online adult business, you will probably need a good theme to attract your audience. Therefore, we will present you with the 25 Best Adult WordPress Themes that you can use to make your website look absolutely divine.

The best adult WordPress themes

Torocherry XXX bWp Adult Themes

Torocherry XXX by Wp Adult Themes - Demo Layout

This WordPress theme is interesting because it is available in both English and Spanish. Even though it is used for uploading porn videos, it is also SEO supported. This theme guarantees decent load speed and it comes with a variety of options to choose from. Torocherry XXX is compatible with TubeAce, which is not necessarily required, but can be useful nonetheless.



KuteTube by XWPThemes

KuteTube Layout

This is an elegant theme which allows you to post adult videos on your site. It even changes its layout depending on which device it is used. Once you buy this theme, you own it completely and you can customize it however you wish.



YameTube by XWPThemes

YameTube Layout

YameTube is perfect for people who want to start their own adult tube website. It is beautifully designed and it loads quickly. This SEO friendly theme has many advertising places, unlimited websites and theme options. Once you install it, you will get lifetime support and updates.



ZingTube by XWPThemes

ZingTube Layout

ZingTube is a theme that you must have in order to run an adult website. It is easy to use, loads quickly, and it is SEO friendly and brings you tons of traffic. When the page loads more quickly, visitors will want to stay longer and enjoy the experience. If you want to upload adult content videos and earn money, ZingTube is a great choice.



YoloTube by XWPThemes

YoloTube Layout

YoloTube is the perfect solution for those who want to start an adult business without any fuss. Just like ZingTube, YoloTube works quickly and boosts your Google traffic. It is available on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.



ResTube by XWPThemes

ResTube Layout

With ResTube, you can create a video blog, video review, podcast, tutorial or any other video related site. When you purchase this theme, you will be completely in charge of its look – you will control everything from configuration to styling. Auto display thumbnail and six widgets will also become available to you, if you opt for this theme.



RosaTube by XWPThemes

RosaTube Layout

When you use the RosaTube theme, your website will be easy to find in search engines. This will ensure the popularity of your site and increase your traffic. Once again, control panel settings allow you to make all the necessary changes that you might need. Rosa Tube is a fully responsive theme.



EasyTube by My Tube Press

EasyTube Layout

EasyTube is designed for users who want to upload and share their videos directly from the front end. With a variety of color options available, you can personalize this website in no time. As with most other themes on our list, it is 100% responsive. Its other notable features include: post pagination, advertising locations, custom logo & favicon, automatic upgrades.

In the end, it’s worth noting that EasyTube is plugin and BuddyPress compatible.



ZetaTube by My Tube Press

ZetaTube Layout

This theme was made to resemble the old xvideos.com style. It’s completely customizable, responsive, SEO friendly, it allows front-end submission, plugins, and it is Buddypress compatible.



PopCorn by Adult WP Themes

PopCorn Layout

PopCorn has perhaps the best design for a porn website. Users are allowed to upload and share their videos. Moreover, you can do this on the go since PopCorn is available on every device, be it your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. PopCorn works great with all PHP versions.



Play by TubeAce

TubeAce Layout

This free theme is built on Bootstrap. It is easily customizable and you can change everything that you want. Every option is easily spotted in the admin panel. Admins can also enable users to rate and review videos. An interesting feature of this theme is that it is compatible with Woocommerce, where you can sell your own products.



RetroTube by WP Script

RetroTube Layout

RetroTube is a WP adult theme and it is used to build adult video websites. This theme is easy on the eye and a pleasure to use. You can change its colors, logo, background, sidebar position and much more.

It is fully responsive and comes with great features such as: Pro Video player, self hosted videos, user submissions, advertising locations, video filters, thumbs rotation, video block widget, and featured carousels.



KingTube by WP Script

KingTube Layout

Here we have another WP adult theme that is fairly similar to RetroTube. However, KingTube comes with a flat white design. It has the same features as RetroTube: the Pro Video player, self hosted videos, user submissions, advertising locations, video filters, thumbs rotation, video block widget, and featured carousel.



Lingerie by Template Monster

 Lingerie Layout

This theme is specially designed for people that want their adult store website to stand out. You can create an outstanding product catalogue which provides a nice overview to your customers.

Like Gonzo, this template looks amazing on any device. It allows you to easily edit content elements on your website page or create new ones. You can also change colors, add widgets, add the parallax effect, pick your favorite font etc.



Ladies by 7theme

Ladies Gentlemen Layout

Ladies theme is primarily used for escort services, independent escorts or model agencies. It has everything that you need to create post types for portfolios, teams, escorts, escort searching, and testimonials. Ladies is a 100% responsive and customizable theme.



Laurania by 7theme

Laurania Layout

This one has to be the most explicit theme on our list so far.

It is made to meet the needs of the sex and erotic niche, especially the dominatrixes. Thanks to a Woocommerce shop plugin, it even allows you to sell your goods online. This theme is fully customizable and you can definitely use this to your advantage.



Roxanne by 7theme

Roxanne Layout

Roxanne is something completely different.

It is designed for call girls, working girls, sex workers, escorts, and mistresses. You can present your services using galleries and slideshows. It offers more than 600 settings and you can use them to ensure that your site looks as well as it can.

Furthermore, Roxanne can be translated into any language you want.



Redcorner by 7theme

Redcorner Layout

This is a strip club WP theme that can be used to create websites for strip clubs, topless bars, and adult nightclubs. What is interesting about this theme is that it has the Girls Post Type, where you can include all the details about your strippers, such as age, cup size, services, body mass and so on. In fact, you can even add images.



Hot by 7theme

Hot Layout

Hot is a WordPress brothel theme designed for brothels, escort services and service providers in the sex niche. It is similar to Redcorner, as it also contains the Girls Post Type which you can customize according to your needs.

This is the number 1 brothel theme on the market and it is trusted by over 800 clients.



Purple by 7theme

Purple Layout

Purple is a theme typically used by swingers clubs, topless bars, and other kinds of erotic or amateur websites. It can help you create a perfect site for your swingers club and thus attract new ladies, gentlemen and couples to your gatherings.

This theme already includes galleries, slideshows, testimonials and team post types as well as a blog and a fully customizable front page. It also comes with a variety of useful widgets.



Obsession by 7theme

Obsession Layout

Obsession is a fully customizable theme for any fetish websites, including BDSM, bondage, slave, and foot fetish. This theme can help you leave a strong impression on your visitors as it uses a beautiful layout design. Obsession does not require any plugins, it is easy to install and use. It comes with a special tool that allows you to translate the theme into other languages.



Honey by 7theme

Honey Porn Layout

Honey is specifically designed for Camgirls. It is compatible with Woocommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins which makes it easy for camgirls to sell their products and earn extra money. Eight different gallery types are available on this theme and you can set as many as you want, and even protect some of them with passwords.

If you want only certain people to view your content, you can simply give them access to the password-protected pages and content.



Kitty by 7theme

Kitty Layout

Kitty is another erotic WordPress theme that is perfect for webcam actors, erotic models and amateurs. This theme does not require any specific programming knowledge or skill.

You can download, install and use it to promote your webcam site or sell your goods, such as videos, panties and images. In order to get more traffic, this theme allows you to link your social media accounts and webcam websites.

There is no need to worry if your visitors use mobile phones or tablets to watch your content. They will have high-quality videos in any case, because this theme is fully responsive.



Cora Amateur by 7theme

Cora Amateur Layout

Cora is designed for amateur webcam actors who want to enjoy their hobby and stay in touch with their audience.

Thanks to Woocommerce, you can even sell your goods and earn extra money with this theme. More than 600 layout are available for you to choose and improve your website. Besides videos, Cora layouts also allow you to upload photos.



PornX by Vicetemple

PornX By Vicetemple

PornX is the most modern and user-friendly WordPress theme for porn websites.

The theme is fully developed on WordPress and it’s packed with 9 premium plugins, 9 premade niche designs and countless prebuilt customization options that allow you to customize the site to your requirements with little to no effort. No programming knowledge required!

On top of that, the Vicetemple team offers complete theme setup free of charge! That’s a deal that you simply can’t refuse.



With that in mind, you probably shouldn’t focus too much on the free themes. Although paid themes require larger initial investments, they also come with higher potential upsides.

To conclude, we believe you should never limit yourself and that goes for WordPress themes as well. Find the one that best suits your needs, even if it requires a certain financial outlay.

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