7 Best Free Adult Themes

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If you’re looking to start earning some extra income with an adult website or blog, then you’ve come to the right place. You can find numerous paid adult themes out there. However, the free ones are somewhat limited in number. Despite that, in this article, you will find the seven best free adult themes you can find online. 

Still, if it’s within your budget, you should definitely opt for a paid one instead. Paid themes will often have more and better features that will help you immensely when you get started. Also, the lightened workload is a nice bonus to have. 

Furthermore, don’t forget; a free theme might reduce your costs, but you will still have to budget for a domain name and a hosting provider. It would be counterproductive not to do so. Plus, it would severely limit your profit potential.

In fact, you should aim to look for a specialized adult hosting service. That way, you will get the most relevant services and advice for your porn site. You can find a large number of porn-friendly hosts; however, Vicetemple is one of the best you could find.


 7 best free adult themes

Play by Tube Ace

TubeAce Layout

Play is a highly customizable WordPress theme that uses the Bootstrap framework. Meaning, it has a guaranteed responsive design to accommodate any screen size. Additionally, the template comes with the Tube Ace plugin that will handle all video importing functionality.

In other words, you could just take the plugin and use a different theme altogether. Still, the Play template is a fantastic free adult theme that has the potential to compete with paid ones. In addition to the unlimited customization, you also get 15 widget areas you could use to display ads or to add more features. It’s your choice. 

Furthermore, the WP-PostRatings plugin will enable your users to rate videos, and sort by the highest rated ones too. Post Views Counter plugin will also display the view count for each video to show your visitors which videos are watched the most. 

Finally, the theme allows you to set up a related videos section to keep users browsing your site. Then, with the help of the WooCommerce compatibility, you could start selling your own merchandise.


wpXtube Theme by wpXtube

wpXtube Layout

The wpXtube was initially a plugin that got promoted into a WordPress theme. Meaning, you can get the plugin for the functionality and then use a different template altogether. Still, the combination of the two will also work flawlessly for a tube site. In fact, wpXtube offers a fully automated way to update your adult site; it will fetch new videos without your input. 

The features of this theme include a content spinner that will create unique descriptions for each video, avoiding duplicate content. Then, you can use the banner rotation system to maximize your ad revenue. 

Furthermore, you can set up a sidebar that will display related videos to keep users on your site. You also get the ability to show top rated and most viewed videos to your users. 

As an added bonus, wpXtube uses a minor amount of disk space and bandwidth, ensuring your site and videos will load fast and without issues. Finally, the theme and plugin are compatible with major WordPress plugins that will help you to add even more functionality to your adult site.


Porn Theme #2 by Porn Affiliate

Porn Theme 2 - Layout

Porn Theme #2 is a perfect theme for an adult blog. While it lacks functionality compared to the previous ones in the list, you can still mold it into a tube site with some plugins. Anyway, the template comes with a mobile-friendly design, a must in today’s porn industry. 

Additionally, it is fully customizable and simple to edit. Although you will have to add most of the notable features for porn sites by yourself, it’s still possible to make a revenue-generating site. Honestly, it’s a great way to improve your website building skills.


Porn Theme #3 by Porn Affiliate

Porn Theme 3 - Layout

Porn Theme #3 is an excellent choice for an adult tube site. Plus, you can personalize it as you wish. The template comes with a responsive design and classic layout. It’s not very rich in features, but it’s nothing you can’t fix with a few plugins. However, don’t overdo it, or you will slow down your site speed and worsen the viewing experience for your users.

If you’re a complete beginner, you will find the tutorial video for adding new content very helpful. Although you will have to do everything manually, you won’t have any issues after you become more familiar with the process. 

Porn Theme #3 is great to get your foot in the industry. Then, after you get some experience, you can switch to a more powerful theme with confidence


Calm Breeze by WordPress Templates

Calm Breeze - Layout

Calm Breeze is a simple WordPress theme you can use for an adult blog. If you want to turn it into a fully functioning adult site with videos, then download one of the plugins as mentioned above to enable video functionalities. In any case, it is an aged but straightforward template that is free of charge. 

Calm Breeze has a three-column design, with the main content located on the left, and an archive and blogroll on the right. This theme might not be the best first choice, but it will get the job done. Plus, it’s perfect for practice and getting familiar with working with WordPress. You can also change the default blue color to anything you want.


Sexy Chick By WordPress Templates

Sexy Chick - Layout

Sexy Chick is another theme suitable for an adult blog. It offers pretty much the same functionality as Calm Breeze with a slight twist. Can you guess it? That’s right, the woman on the header is naked. Everything else is pretty much the same as the previous template. 

Again, you can personalize this theme with some plugins to add in the features you want, then expand your content library as you wish. You can repurpose the sidebar to redirect to categories, related videos, or the most popular ones on your site right now. Honestly, the only limitation to this theme is your imagination.


Red Sexy By WordPress Templates

Red Sexy - Layout

Red Sexy is the final theme in this list. It’s meant to be used for an adult blog, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to just that. You can easily personalize the two-column layout to include all the most basic porn site functionalities. Then, you can improve as you see fit with the right plugins. 

Furthermore, you can use the available widgets to add similar content sections or to even show advertisements. Meaning, you can easily monetize this theme and start earning cash as fast as possible. Although it has an outdated design, you can still transform it into a stable revenue source.





You now know which are the best free WordPress adult themes. As you might have noticed, some of them pale in comparison to their paid counterparts. However, that’s the reality of the adult website niche. If you have the budget to space, you should absolutely check out the best paid adult themes

However, if you’re unable to afford the initial investment, then you should use one of the free ones on this list. The first two options are highly recommended due to their more advanced and numerous features. Still, if you’re looking for a challenge, the rest can also make a profitable adult site. 

Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to these choices as well. You can easily repurpose a family-friendly free theme into a porn one. However, the ones on the list are geared towards adult topics, and you might find them more helpful than others. 

Good luck with your new venture!

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