12 Best WordPress Adult Plugins

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Managing an online adult website can be a daunting and time-consuming task. However, if you have spent any time researching the subject on the Internet, chances are you have encountered plugins, and are aware of how useful they can be.

No matter what your website currently looks like, you can completely transform it with a good theme and a good plugin. We have an entire article written on Best Adult WordPress Themes in case you’re considering changing your website’s appearance. What’s more, in order to help you make the best possible decision, we have decided to present you with the 15 best WordPress adult plugins.

With that in mind, let us start with the plugins that are used to embed videos from specifically one adult tube website.


Xvideos Importer/Embedder Plugin

Xvideos Importer Embedder Plugin Layout

This free plugin is a real time-saver. It allows you to copy-paste a video URL from xvideos.com and import it on your site in a matter of seconds. This way, it will be easy for you to create a post with the desired video.

To view the demo, enter the following login information.

User: testxvideo
Password: testxvideo



PornTube.com Importer/Embedder


PornTube Importer Embedder LayoutThis is a mass importer plugin designed for PornTube. It allows you to import videos by using a list of single video URLs, by searching for keywords, or by searching for any page that contains videos.

To login to the demo, use the following information:

User: testxvideo
Password: testxvideo

xHamster Importer Pro

XHamster Importer Layout

xHamster Importer Pro can make any webmaster’s life easier. Besides the previously described methods to import videos, this plugin can also import CSV databases provided by the Xhamster partner program.

What follows is an example of its format: http://i.imgur.com/Jhv7iyU.png

Log into the demo with the following account.

User: testxvideo
Password: testxvideo

Xvideos Importer Pro Plugin for WordPress

Xvideos importer pro plugin Layout

Unlike the free Xvideos Importer version, this plugin has a feel that is more similar to the previous plugins. Apart from that, it also lets you import CSV databases provided by Xvideos.

The Xvideos Importer Pro is supported by all WordPress themes, which means that you can add it on any site or blog.

You can log into the demo with the following account.

User: testxvideo
Password: testxvideo


Alright, now that we have presented the basic plugins, we can move on to more advanced solutions that come with more options.


Adult Confirmation

Adult Confirmation Layout

Adult Confirmation is a great plugin to have if you plan to display adult content. In fact, you should be using this adult confirmation plugin on all websites that contain explicit content. If you want to use this plugin, all you need to do is activate it through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress.



KenPlayer Transformer Plugin

KenPlayer Transformer Plugin Layout

The KenPlayer plugin can be used to import videos from RedTube, PornHub, XVideos, and YouPorn. However, when you embed videos from these sites, their ads remain visible if you do not use this plugin. If you use KenPlayer, the visitors will only be able to see your ads, which will allow you to collect more ad revenue. It works well with any theme.

Ken Importer Pro Plugin

Ken Importer Pro Plugin Layout

Ken Importer Pro is similar to KenPlayer Transformer, with the only difference being Ken Importer Pro’s ability to import videos from YouTube and other similar websites, besides adult tube sites. It is highly compatible with any theme, SEO friendly, and easy to use.

To log in and view the demo, use the following account.

User: testxvideo
Password: testxvideo

CrakRevenue’s WordPress plugin for affiliates

CrakRevenue’s WordPress plugin for affiliates LayoutThis plugin includes the following tools: live cam widget, optimized banners, native ads, in-text ads, and popups, all of which will help you increase your conversions. Once you download this plugin, add it to your WordPress website, activate it and you are good to go.




WP Youtube Videos Grabber Layout

This plugin can be used for creating YouTube video galleries much faster. It can grab videos from multiple categories and adult videos represent one of the categories. This plugin can be installed relatively easily and if you do everything correctly, you will have your own YouTube video gallery in less than 10 minutes.


wpXtube Layout

This free plugin can turn your plain WordPress site into an adult website in a matter of minutes. It comes with many useful built-in features, such as auto updating with XML feeds, content spinners, trade scripts and skims, video rating, top viewed videos and 100% customizable themes.

Tube Ace

Tube Ace WordPress Plugin Theme Layout

Tube Ace works perfectly with any WordPress theme and enables you to import videos from websites like Pornhub, RedTube, Tube8, YouPorn, xHamster and so on. Moreover, it will automatically import the videos. It is fully customizable and allows you to choose the logo, the colors and the layout that best suits your needs.


This plugin is similar to Tube Ace because it will automatically grab new videos from adult source sites. However, it comes with many additional features – 100 adult sponsors, 840 adult tube themes, porn star grabber, adult image gallery etc. Feel free to check the link down below and choose whatever option you want.



This concludes our list of WordPress adult plugins.

In the end, we would like to point out that it does not really matter if the plugin you decided to go with is free or not. What really matters is to design a website that is professional and that will constantly attract new visitors.

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