20 Best Free Adult WordPress Themes

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Almost a third of all the websites found on the Internet are porn sites. Ever wondered why?

It’s because everyone can create a website and because everyone watches porn. However, although everyone can create a porn website with little effort, not everyone can create a good porn website. The most important thing that determines the success of any given website is its design.

The harsh truth is that a poorly designed website is guaranteed to attract no traffic and generate no profit for its owners. Even if it has the best content in the world, a badly conceived website will eventually fail. This simple fact cannot be overstated.

The difference between a good and a bad porn website is the same as the difference between you earning thousands of dollars in profit and you losing most of your income.

Luckily for you, designing a website no longer involves any coding or programming.

In fact, it’s never been easier to launch an adult website, thanks to the countless WordPress themes and templates that you can quickly personalize to create a high-performing porn website in no time.


However, the sheer volume of WordPress themes available on the Internet means that it’s hard to find quality templates. If you’re looking for free adult WordPress themes, you’re in even more trouble. It takes someone days or even weeks to find a free, but usable solution for their website layout.

All of that prompted us to write this article and help everyone who wants to launch an adult website, but isn’t quite ready or able to splash out on a premium WordPress theme.

To cut to the chase, what follows is the complete list of the 21 best free adult WordPress themes.

The definitive list of the 20 best free adult WordPress themes


Calm Breeze By WordPress Templates

Calm Breeze Layout

First up on our list is a vintage, old design made for adult blogs. The Calm Breeze theme features a sexy woman in a bikini, surrounded by a calming blue layout to get your users quietly aroused as soon as they open your website.



Sexy Chick By WordPress Templates

Sexy Chick LayoutThe next entry on our list is called Sexy Chick and it follows a similar pattern. This time, the theme follows a more traditional blog pattern centered around the black-white contrast. Once again, the cover features a prominent and provocative picture of a naked woman.



Red Sexy By WordPress Templates

Red Sexy Layout

The Red Sexy WordPress theme concludes the first category on our list: the free adult blog themes.

This irresistible blog theme attracts the visitor’s attention with its seductive red-black layout. Similar to the previous entries on our list, Red Sexy highlights the adult nature of the blog with an eye-catching silhouette of a nude woman.



VoseTube by WP Adult Themes

VoseTube LayoutAnother decent tube theme comes in the form of VoseTube.

VoseTube uses the layout of regular video themes, but incorporates adult content into the site.

This makes it a safe option for your tube website, but it also means that it’s somewhat bland and unimaginative compared to other themes on our list.



Hentai XXX by WP Adult Themes

Hentai XXX Layout

The next entry on our list is the Hentai XXX WordPress theme.

Although this is a fantastic design, Hentai XXX is a highly specialized theme that can only really work within the hentai niche of the adult industry. This limitation is a deal-breaker for us and it’s the main reason why this theme isn’t any higher on our list.



ExHD Tube by WP Adult Themes

ExHD Tube Layout

We continue our list with the ExHD Tube theme.

This responsive tube theme comes in 8 different color combinations, which allows you to easily personalize this theme for your website. However, the theme design is inferior to many other tube themes simply because its menus take up far too much space on the homepage.

Sadly, this prevents visitors from having a clear view of the content, which should be the focus of every porn website.



Nova Video XXX by WP Adult Themes

Nova Video XXX Layout

Nova Video XXX is a tube theme that simply tries too hard.

Its design is definitely unique, but you get the feeling it’s almost too unique. The background uses the standard black-red coloring, but it combines the colors in an unusual pattern that seems out of place on a porn website.

If you’re looking for a theme that is a bit different than others, this might be the right solution for you.



Popcorn Tube XXX by WP Adult Themes

Popcorn Tube XXX Layout

Popcorn Tube XXX is another decent WordPress theme for tube sites.

This theme combines the best of PornHub and YouTube to create a unique porn website layout. Still, Popcorn Tube XXX suffers from a similar issue as our previous entry. But in this case, the theme has virtually no menus and that’s only slightly less worse than having oversized menus.



Adult Movie XXX by WP Adult Themes

Adult Movie XXX Layout

Adult Movie XXX is the first real clone theme on our list.

It replicates the old design of XNXX, which can be taken as a both positive and negative characteristic. There is no doubt this theme is instantly recognizable, but it ultimately suffers from a lack of originality.



Dolce XXX by WP Adult Themes

Dolce XXX Layout

Dolce XXX is an XNXX clone with a slight twist.

However, its design is a bit outdated and it’s far from the best theme on our list. Still, if you want a more traditional tube site, this might be your best bet.



Mobile Adult Tube by WP Adult Themes

Mobile Adult Tube Layout

Next up on our list is a YouTube inspired theme.

Although not a direct clone of YouTube, the Mobile Adult Tube theme uses the color pattern and design of its role model to shift the focus to the content. However, although the theme itself looks undoubtedly good, it’s only fair to say this is not the most unique design in the world.



AWP Tube XXX by WP Adult ThemesAWP Tube XXX Layout


AWP Tube XXX is next up on our list.

This WordPress tube theme replicates the layout of the most popular porn tube sites, but it uses a unique color combination that is both pleasing and unobtrusive.

A gentle pink combines well with a calming shade of blue to create a memorable, yet subtle layout. This is a theme that is definitely centered around content.



TubeCool XXX by WP Adult Themes


TubeCool XXX LayoutSimilar to the previous entry on our list, TubeCool XXX is a clone of a popular porn website. This time, it’s a RedTube clone, but with a prominent background photo.

A decent theme no doubt, but the background will probably need some customization to make this into a proper porn website.



Cube XXX by WP Adult ThemesCube XXX Layout

Another clone theme on our list – Cube XXX.

This time, we have a YouJizz clone that is a proven option for adult tube sites. However, it suffers from the same issues as all other clone themes – the lack of originality and little customization options.



DeXXX by WP Adult Themes

DeXXX Layout

DeXXX is another responsive tube theme that will give your site an appealing design.

While most themes have bland and uninteresting backgrounds, DeXXX uses a plastered wall pattern for its background and that adds a touch of originality to an otherwise simple theme.



FreeTube XXX by WP Adult Themes


FreeTube XXX LayoutThe FreeTube XXX continues our trend of adult WordPress tube themes.

This responsive theme is one of the best tube themes available on the market, because it represents a modern, neat design that gently guides the viewer’s attention towards the content.

The faded color pattern of the menus is especially easy on the eye.



ToroCherry by WP Adult Themes


The next free adult WordPress theme on our list is the ToroCherry theme.

This theme is definitely inspired by Xvideos, but it utilizes the gentle colors of pink and white in its menus. We dare say this makes it a better version of the popular porn website’s layout.



Bestia Tube by WP Adult Themes


Bestia Tube is one of the most popular free adult WordPress themes and for a good reason.

This is a direct clone of XHamster and it comes with multiple language packages and customization options. It’s easy to set up and it supports most WordPress plugins, allowing you to personalize the theme into a unique porn site.


Exclusive XXX by WP Adult Themes

Exclusive XXX LayoutExclusive XXX is a unique, minimalistic design that is sure to entice your users with large thumbnails and video previews on the homepage.

Still, its white background doesn’t really fit well with the black-magenta coloring in the menus. If you can invest a little time to find a better color combination, this theme will definitely be worth the effort.



Angel XXX by WP Adult ThemesAngel XXX Layout

Angel XXX features an interesting color pattern that makes use of vivid pink and purple colors that provide the theme with an eccentric feel.

If you value originality above all else, this could be the perfect theme for you. But if that’s not the case, you can probably find a lot better solution down the list.




That’s all for now.

If you’re looking to start a porn website with WordPress, but can’t afford to spend much money on its design, we advise you to go through our list once again and select one of the themes that we presented.

Of course, there are plenty of other free adult themes on the Internet, but neither of them looks as good as the ones included in our selection.

If you’re looking for affordable adult web hosting, we advise you to check out Vice Temple. They’re one of the best hosting providers on the market and they will even help you choose the right theme for you if you’re only starting out in the world of adult industry.

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