Are Escorts Legal?


Sex, companionship, and love do make the world go round. However, when it comes to exchanging money to get those things in return, many people are rather confused and wonder — are escorts legal at all?

More importantly, many men and even women are troubled by the legality of giving money in return for sex. But the problem they usually encounter is pure ignorance (not their fault, though!). How are escorts legal when prostitution is, by all accounts, illegal? Well, it’s because prostitution and escorting are not the same thing!

Today, we’re diving deep into the topic in order to explain not just the differences between escorts and prostitutes but why it’s crucial for everyone to understand them. Whether you are looking into how to start an escort business, browsing some other ways to make money in the adult industry except for porn, or simply want to hire an escort — this is the article for you.


Are Escorts Illegal? — Prostitution ≠ Escorting

Are escort services illegal because they share some similarities with prostitution? If you are eager to either hire escorts or want to start an escorting business, you may be wondering whether you could easily end up on the wrong side of the law for it.

The truth is, the question of Are escorts legal? will depend on where you live and the local laws

However, before checking those, you do have to understand that those “similarities” are a bit far-fetched. Despite what many people may think, escorts are not the same as prostitutes. And there are some key differences to keep in mind.


An escort is a professional — you cannot simply pick her up at the next corner

In contrast to ladies of the night, you hire high-class escorts through various escort agencies. Murky street corners are not full of them, and you aren’t able to just go out and pick up an escort in your car. To enjoy escort services, you have to either go through the escort’s website or an agency.


You have to pay what the escort wants — there’s no bargaining

Unlike a prostitute, who may be able to reduce the hourly rate if they so please, you have to book escort services in advance and pay the fixed rate. 


Escorts may or may not provide sexual services

Escorts may or may not provide sexual servicesNow, you may be asking yourself — are escorts legal, or could their services get you in trouble? 

In some countries, escorts are legal purely because people don’t pay them for sexual services. Instead, escorts sell companionship and time, as well as their many other skills and traits.

With an escort, you aren’t just getting a chance to spend some time with a beautiful individual. The best escorts are truly masters at high-class etiquette, for instance, and incredibly charming at social gatherings. They are groomed and trained to please you by being the best companion — someone who fits well with your lifestyle. On top of that, they have wonderful, pleasing personalities and are able to juggle various topics due to their exquisite communication skills.

Keep in mind that most escorts’ brains rival their beauty. One of the main differences between prostitutes and escorts is the fact that the more educated the escort is, the higher their rate can go. 

The primary values lie in education, manners, and etiquette, not looks or all the tricks they can perform in the sack. An escort is a companion who enriches the lives of their clients. 

That doesn’t always include sex, though escorts have the right to engage in it if they so please. Remember, though — in some countries, using escorts for sex might be illegal.


To compare, a prostitute…

Doesn’t get to lead a luxe lifestyle

Since prostitutes sell only sex, they cannot reap all the benefits of escort services. 

In a nutshell, an escort has two goals: to receive payment for all the services they offer (intellectual stimulation, companionship, etc.) and to entertain the client so that they hire them again. 

In contrast, a prostitute’s primary goal is to earn as much money as possible by providing sexual services. They aren’t hired for traveling or dinner dates, and their clients are unlikely to spend time talking with them about the current affairs. 

Offers Illegal services

As blunt as it may seem, prostitutes are supposed to fulfill the sexual needs of their clients, not entertain them with their wits. As such, prostitution is illegal and can get you in legal trouble, and in some countries, even jail.


Are Escorts Illegal Everywhere?

Are escort businesses legal, and will they ever be? The future of decriminalizing sex work is slowly but surely becoming more evident to those who want to see sex workers earn money by selling consensual sexual services. And really, is anyone surprised by this? With more than 42 million sex workers in the world, the industry is one of the largest ones around the globe, and it just keeps getting bigger.

What’s great about the future of legal sex work is that we’ve already seen some promising steps toward decriminalization. Back in 2019, New York saw the introduction of its first decriminalization bills, which may change the way we see sex work forever. If these bills are indeed passed, it would be legal to not only seek out sexual services but provide and promote them. Of course, there’s a limit to that legality: it doesn’t involve coercion, trafficking, or sexual abuse of minors.


Potential Health Benefits Are Evident Too

Another reassuring aspect of sex work decriminalization is that giants such as WHO have expressed their support for it. Though safe sex and medications can help alleviate the symptoms of HIV or even prevent it, not everyone has the same support from their healthcare providers. In fact, some may not even be able to seek out advice and protection.

Due to the stigma that surrounds sex work, as well as the fact that it’s illegal in many countries, many sex workers are afraid of getting the help they need. Nobody wants to end up in jail because they were selling consensual sex services. To that end, any diseases that incur from those services are quick to spread among the sex workers.

The good news is that this stigma is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past, all thanks to sex worker activists who are raising their voices in support of sex work decriminalization.


Movements and Supporters Helping Escort Legality

Movements and Supporters Helping Escort LegalityDecrim NY, for instance, is a movement that aims to decriminalize consensual sex trading in New York. Recently, it took part in drafting a 13-page bill that, in case it is passed, will make New York the first US state to largely stop criminalizing sex workers, collaborators, patrons, and supporters. 

Similarly, another movement has stepped into the spotlight in Washington, the nation’s capital. A bill, which aims to protect prostitutes and decriminalize sex work, has been drafted with some help from the very sex workers it may affect

One of its architects, Tamika Spellman, has spent decades working as a prostitute. She hopes the bill will not only remove any moral qualms but protect her from the dangers of the work she’s been devoted to for years now.

Sex work decriminalization also has supporters in the government, which should help its cause in the long run. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, both democratic senators, have expressed their openness to decriminalization. The support of Kamala Harris is all the more valuable now since she is the Democratic VP nominee, alongside Joe Biden, in the 2020 elections. 


Are Escorts Illegal in the Eyes of the Law If Prostitution Is Illegal?

Though some may think that escorts should be illegal the same way prostitution is in many countries, including the US (except for Nevada), there’s a huge difference in the services these two types of workers can provide.

Escort services are often promoted as girlfriend experience or companionship. This includes spending time with an affectionate, sensual escort who is ready to take part in activities common in long-term relationships (meaningful conversations, eating out, cuddling, etc.). That is what they can charge you for. If there’s sex too, it’s not compensated but a decision made between two agreeing adults.

That said, you may not get into any trouble while using an escort if you can prove that you haven’t paid for any risque services. If the sex isn’t paid for or it’s not involved at all, you weren’t a part of a sex crime.

If you do find yourself in hot water, you may still need to hire a lawyer to defend you. Since escorting is still a taboo topic for many countries and is frowned upon, many do want to see the industry burn in flames. 

However, a good lawyer should be able to give proof about the escort’s real services. They ought to show that they aren’t involved in any type of sex work but are actually selling their time and companionship.


Are Escorts Legal in Your Country? 

Are escorts illegal where you live? In order to check whether escorting is legal in your country or not, you need to know which countries actually recognize sex work and to what extent. Right now, the situation isn’t as great as one might want it to be. Still, it’s not as bleak as before.

There are three ways of categorizing sex work in a country. It can be legal, limitedly legal, or illegal

While the legality or the illegality of sex work in a country is pretty straightforward most of the time, the “limitedly legal” term is the one that confuses most people. As it stands, every single country can implement different laws to regulate sex work. Some deem it completely legal and thus treat it as any other type of trade. Others, however, want to limit it by making it illegal for the buyers. 

In other words, while some countries say that sex is legal to sell within their borders, they believe it’s illegal for you to buy it. On top of that, some may implement different laws across their counties and regions. As such, there are some countries and states that allow for varying legality, such as Australia and the US.


How Are Escorts Illegal or Partially Legal in Some Parts of the Globe? 

hot pairNow, you may be wondering — does this all mean that one cannot have an escort agency in a country where prostitution is illegal? Well, there’s no right answer to this, as it all depends on how you approach your business.

You see, if the escorts do not provide sex services, then it would be OK to establish an escort agency in an anti-prostitution country. However, many agencies do give escorts a bad name by taking advantage of this “technicality” and running an illegal prostitution ring. 

Of course, not everyone is like this, and there are agencies that are really trying to give their sex workers a fair shot in the industry. If you’re eager to learn more about them and how they operate their businesses, check out our article on the best escort agencies and websites

Still, every escort agency out there should practice caution if it’s trying to run a business in a country where prostitution is not only frowned upon but downright illegal. Keep in mind the story of Arthur Vanmoor; don’t think that you’re smarter than everyone else and that you won’t get caught, thus becoming a part of a nasty legal battle.


How to Protect Your Business

The only part of this industry that has little to worry about is escort directories. Since these only provide the advertising space and not the services themselves, they are unlikely to be embroiled in any scandals.

However, agencies ought to be careful and protect themselves from all sides. Because they work directly with the escorts, they need to precisely define their obligations and legal responsibility. Incorrectly determining their legal status, for instance, may result in fines. At the same time, they can also be liable for various issues that may come up from work itself, like STDs, offering illegal services, breaches of privacy, etc.

We’ll explain how you can protect yourself a bit later on. For now, know that a way to avoid legal battles is to rely on contracts. If you protect yourself and your business in writing from the get-go, you shouldn’t be liable for any breaches done by your escorts. Here’s an article that should help you learn how to implement these contracts for your sake.


Where Are Escorts Legal?

Are Escorts Legal in Austria?Are escort services legal in Austria? Unsurprisingly, they are!

You’ll be happy to know that this European country is one of the more progressive ones. Prostitution and thus escorting is completely legal there, so whether you’re looking into starting an escort business, becoming an escort yourself, or hiring one, Austria is a good option.

Of course, various laws regulate the practice. Right now, prostitutes in Austria have to register and pay taxes, be 19 or older, and undergo regular medical checkups. But if you are wondering how much support sex workers enjoy there, just keep in mind that back in 2014, the government compensated them for the doctor visits.


Are Escorts Legal in New Zealand?Are escorts illegal in New Zealand? Absolutely not! 

In fact, if you were wondering which country has done the most for sex workers around the globe, New Zealand definitely has to be crowned as a winner. Back in 2003, the country decriminalized prostitution, allowing people to sell sex services legally, as well as establish brothels. Moreover, it made an effort to protect sex workers’ rights by implementing human rights and employment legislation.

To illustrate, a sex worker in New Zealand is a respected member of the community and can exercise their rights the same way an accountant, a healthcare provider, or a teacher can. In one particular case, a sex worker even sued her employer for sexual harassment and won the suit. In a major part of the globe, this would not only be impossible but downright dangerous for most sex workers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand showed even more support for its sex workers. With many stuck at home and unable to work, the government allowed them to apply for an emergency wage subsidy if their earnings went down by at least 30%. This rule didn’t exclude sex workers, as the community is actually respected and allowed to reap the same benefits people in any other field of work can claim.

So, are escorts legal in New Zealand? Not only are they supported by the government, but the workers’ rights are protected and respected. Thus, the legality of escorting and prostitution in New Zealand isn’t a question at all. The country is an admirable example across the globe.


belgian girlAre escorts illegal in Belgium? You can bet they aren’t!

In fact, not only are escort agencies legal in Belgium, but the country has also done so much in terms of eliminating the stigma. It didn’t simply stop at making prostitution legal and allowing both men and women to sell sexual services. Escort agencies in Belgium offer full-package deals and make sure to provide each client with an experience of a lifetime.

For instance, there are some incredible agencies in Brussels that would surely fit anyone’s needs. However, what helps some of them stand out is the high-quality service. If you are looking into sex tourism, there’s hardly a better place than Brussels and its escort agencies. 

There, you can hire an escort that genuinely loves their job and is looking forward to spending time with you while out and about. On top of that, the agencies can help you make the most of your trip by giving advice on what to eat, visit, and see, as well as how to choose the right escort for you and which rules to follow.

As for the services you can get, Brussels agencies pretty much have it all. For instance, High-Class Escorts Bruxelles offers 24/7 call-outs and erotic massage therapies. Desire Escorts, on the other hand, offers super-private encounters and a range of fun-loving escorts to choose from.


hot spanish modelAre escorts illegal in passionate Spain? Well, no — but sex work isn’t regulated there either.

Technically, the question of Are escorts legal in Spain? is easy to answer since the practice was decriminalized back in 1995. However, ever since then, the country hasn’t put much effort into regulating it. 

That has created many problems for both the country and its sex workers. Even though it’s generally quite normal to see prostitutes around Spain, the practice isn’t as accepted as it may appear. In 2009, a study by TAMPEP discovered that 90% of sex workers in Spain were victims of human trafficking. As expected, this has seriously damaged the whole industry and prevented it from becoming a new normal.

Today, procurers of sex services in Spain can be prosecuted, and pimping is very much illegal. At the same time, though prostitution is legal, soliciting clients on the streets isn’t. 


Where Are Escorts Legal to a Certain Extent?

Are Escorts Illegal in Canada?

Are Escorts Illegal in Canada?Are escorts legal in Canada? Unfortunately, they enjoy partial legality only.

As progressive as Canada appears to be, the sex industry there still has a long way to go. Right now, prostitution in this country is limitedly legal, which means that while escorting or selling sex is totally fine, buying those services is not.

That sort of attitude puts a lot of strain on the workers. It doesn’t protect them at all; in fact, it impedes them from establishing proper rules and guidelines with the customers. Since buying sex is illegal, it’s likely that you wouldn’t want to provide much, if any, details about yourself. That creates problems for both agencies and escorts, as proper vetting and security checks aren’t a real possibility.

On top of that, if an escort doesn’t work for an agency, they are technically dabbling in illegal escorting. According to Canadian law, they need a license to be an independent escort. 

Their license also has to be held by a properly licensed agency, which gives the establishment a huge advantage and not enough reasons to actually protect them. They basically depend on the agency for legal work, so their rights are not a priority.


Are Escorts Illegal in Sweden and Norway?

Are Escorts Illegal in Sweden and Norway?Are escort businesses legal in Northern Europe? Not completely!

The two shining examples of the Swedish model used to regulate prostitution are Sweden and Norway. According to them, making selling sex legal, but buying it illegal has worked out in their favor and lowered prostitution over the years. 

So, are escorts illegal in Sweden and Norway? No, they actually aren’t, but that’s not because the practice is widely accepted. The whole point of the Nordic model, or neo-abolitionism, is to criminalize buyers, decriminalize prostitutes, offer assistance so that they may leave the sex industry, and raise awareness and educate the public.

The problem? This sort of practice, albeit helpful in terms of forced sex work, makes the job a lot harder for those who want to work in the sex industry. The model is actively trying to lower demand, which makes earning money through sex work difficult, not to mention dangerous. Just like in the case of Canada, by criminalizing the buyers, the sex workers’ rights are in jeopardy.

However, it’s not really clear why the Swedish model is such a success. Though many believe it’s the approach itself that has lowered prostitution, others claim that additional laws have affected it as well. Gentrification, migration, and technology have all influenced prostitution and lowered its extent in Norway and Sweden, especially when it comes to street prostitution. Yet, while that variety has decreased, the so-called “indoor market” has started to thrive.


Are Escorts Illegal in Australia?

multiracialAre escorts legal in Australia? Yes and no — it depends on where you are!

The confusion behind the legality of sex work down under is completely legitimate. Escorting in Australia is limitedly legal, but not in the same way as it is in Canada, Norway, or Sweden. The Aussies have decided to allow each state to determine its own laws, so naturally, the legality varies.

Where are escort companies legal in Australia, you may ask? Well, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory have decriminalized prostitution as a whole. Apart from those two regions, brothels are also legal in Victoria and Queensland. 

In 2019, The Northern Territory showed just how much Australia is a progressive supporter of sex workers by passing the Sex Industry Act. With that move, it not only made brothels legal but fully decriminalized sex work. The act was met with lots of support, particularly from UNAIDS

Meanwhile, West Australia and Tasmania recognize prostitution as legal but have made brothels and some other activities illegal. South Australia sees it as legal, too, but condemns procuring, soliciting in public places, and receiving money from the prostitution of another person.


Are Escorts Illegal in the UK?

british escortAre escorts legal in the UK completely? Sadly, no — the Brits prefer partial legality.

You’d think that the way the British see sex would play a huge role in how they view the sex industry. And you would be right, as the UK believes escorting should be limitedly legal. 

Because of that, England, Wales, and Scotland see it as legal but condemn any third-party involvement. As such, brothel-keeping is definitely illegal, and so are “public nuisances,” i.e., activities that may be deemed annoying or disruptive in public, such as buying or selling sex on the street.

But are escorts legal in Northern Ireland too? It’s glaringly obvious that the Irish part of the UK doesn’t agree with the other countries. Northern Ireland confirmed that back in 2015 when it criminalized sex work and made it illegal for you to buy sex services. 

Unfortunately, that has put a lot of pressure on sex workers and made it extremely difficult to earn a proper living. Worst of all, it has endangered their lives.


Are Escorts Illegal in the USA?

american woman

Are escort companies legal in the US? Surprisingly, not entirely!

The progressive attitude of the American people is just a Hollywood thing, unfortunately. Nevada is the only state that has legalized prostitution. 

Even though it has a long history of brothels under its belt, Nevada’s first legal brothel came in 1971. And in spite of that, there are some limitations people have to respect. 

For one, not all of Nevada allows prostitution; there are only ten counties that have a more casual approach to it. But even within those counties, it’s only possible to engage in solicitation and prostitution within licensed brothels.

Are escorts illegal in other parts of the US? It appears so, and there hasn’t been much movement in making it legal in the future. In fact, you could say that some parts have reverted back to their conservative ways and destroyed the lives of many sex workers. 


Are escorts illegal in Rhode Island now?

Rhode Island used to offer protection to sex workers, and for a few years, indoor prostitution was blooming there. The workers had protection against unstable clients, and they could call the police if they were in harm’s way. 

Unfortunately, that all changed in 2009 when indoor prostitution was criminalized. Now, those who are either self-employed or working as escorts because they simply want to need to be extra careful who they solicit, where, and how. They don’t have the police’s protection anymore.

Finally, we do have to mention FOSTA too, or the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017. By signing this act into law, President Trump declared war on human trafficking and websites that advertise sex work. However, though the act may help catch human traffickers, it also prevents free-willed sex workers form earning their income. 

Because of that, it doesn’t really matter how escort websites make money anymore, as they are being prosecuted regardless of who the escorts are. That has done more harm than good for the sex industry. In order not to miss a rent payment or have enough money to live off, those sex workers have probably had to find alternative jobs or, even worse, use the services of a potentially unsafe or abusive pimp or agency.


Where Are Escorts Illegal?

When it comes to some countries, you know that escorting is illegal simply by making an uneducated guess. Certain countries have had a weird attitude toward human rights, and thus sex worker rights, for a long time. As such, it’s not a surprise to see that some big names have prohibited prostitution completely. 

Unfortunately for them, that doesn’t mean it’s completely gone or that you cannot engage in it. They’ve just pushed it into hiding!


Are Escorts Legal in China?Are escorts legal in China? Absolutely not — and nobody is surprised.

The question of Are escorts illegal in China? doesn’t leave much to the imagination, although the answer doesn’t really matter if you ask us. The Communist Party worked very hard to eliminate prostitution and criminalize it in mainland China. However, even today, China is seeping with prostitutes who don’t have another choice but to continue selling sex services.

For some, it’s a matter of life or death, as they are unable to find any other work. Some have been in the business for quite long and don’t have plans to quit it anytime soon, often saying that the sex work is a lot better (and more profitable) than working in a factory, for instance. Still, because they have no protection and are doing it illegally, they’ve become sneakier over time. Thus, China is actually full of hair salons, beauty parlors, and karaoke bars that are just a front for various prostitution rings.

And the law is much crueler to sex workers than those who use their services. If men get caught going to illegal brothels, they can simply pay a small fine and get off the hook. Sex workers, on the other hand, have it quite rough. In China, having a condom on you is enough for the police to arrest you and charge you with prostitution!


Are Escorts Legal in South Korea?Are escorts illegal in the East Asian nation of South Korea? Yes, and very much so!

Back in the 1980s, one of the most popular red-light districts in the world was located in Seoul, South Korea. At one point, Cheongnyangni 588 was the home of over 500 sex workers and 200 shops! But it all came to an end in 2004; today, the district resembles a ghost town.

Are escorts illegal in South Korea? Until 2004, prostitution was apparent in major red-light districts, with more than 200,000 women earning their income as sex workers. However, it all came crashing down after 2004 when the government passed an anti-prostitution law, prohibiting brothels and buying and selling sex services.


Sex Work Is Still Flourishing in South Korea

But just like in China, that hasn’t made sex work obsolete. That’s the main problem with criminalizing sex work in general; just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean men and women will magically get other jobs and stop selling sex services. Most people do engage in it because they have no other way of supporting themselves. 

At the same time, buyers aren’t likely to forgo sex services if they’re made illegal. Needs ought to be met, and if they don’t have another choice or simply want to use sex services — not even the law will stop them from trying at least.

As such, the demonstrations that followed the decision to pass the law were not surprising at all. Sex workers are now in more danger in South Korea since they have gone underground or online to find work. Thus, it’s likely that most of them accept various deals out of pure necessity, and have no way to protect themselves. And even if something happens to them, the police will not come to their rescue but instead charge them for the sex work.

Do you want to learn more about the legality of sex work? Here is an interactive map of all the countries where it is legal, partially legal, or completely illegal.


Should Escorts Be Legal? — The Benefits of Decriminalizing Sex Work

sex decriminalization

If you live in a country where men and women are told what they can do with their bodies as consenting adults, you’re probably wondering what the benefits of decriminalizing sex work would be. That’s OK; most of us have grown up believing that there’s something inherently wrong with having sex with multiple partners. That’s precisely the reason many view prostitution as immoral.

You have been led to believe that sex work should be illegal because it endangers the lives of those who engage in it. However, the underlying reason is the fact that most people believe it’s immoral to earn money through sex. Even worse, they cannot run away from it when it comes to sex work. 

When watching porn, people can pretend they’re watching two consenting adults. If they see a young girl marry a wealthy old man, they can accept the fact she’s a golddigger. 

But when the connection between money and sex is truly evident, the notion is uncomfortable. In every other situation, you can pretend there’s more to sex and any other similar activity than money. Prostitution, in contrast, lets sex workers control their decisions and give a monetary value to their bodies.


Are escorts legal everywhere in the world? They are not, and there’s a chance they will never be. Some countries will never accept consensual sex work purely because of their history, faith, and moral code.

However, there are some pretty useful benefits of decriminalization, the most important being:

Tax revenue

Keeping prostitution illegal means that whatever the profit might be, not a single penny is going toward taxes. In contrast, if a country legalizes sex work, it can reap the monetary benefits by imposing taxes on both the establishments such as brothels and the workers themselves.


Healthier community

In China, you can get arrested if you have a condom on you as it’s perceived that you will use it for sex work. But if prostitution were illegal, countries could actually make condoms and regular testing a requirement. Thus, they could prevent the spreading of various sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV.


Reallocation of law enforcement resources

Sophisticated prostitution rings are not easy to track down, and a lot of money goes into tapping the phones, intercepting emails, and using undercover tactics to get to the suspects. If sex work were legal, however, there wouldn’t be a need to look for evidence against those who can legally sell or buy sex services and willingly do so. The resources could then be put to better use and to prevent real crimes.


Are Escorts Illegal in Some Countries Because There’s a Fear of Human Trafficking?

human traffickingOf course! Those who are against prostitution are quick to say that legalizing sex work would give way to even more human trafficking. However, some activists, like Cecilia Gentili, beg to differ. There’s a lot of fear involved when one knows they’ve committed a crime, and that fear could actually discourage them from seeking help. If, however, victims knew they could seek legal justice, there might be less human trafficking overall.

In the end, when one knows they have rights and shouldn’t fear the authorities, it’s more likely that they will ask for help. Their vulnerability is what actually prevents them from doing so. If they know they will end up in hot water with the police, suffer police brutality, and even end up in jail for years — how is that better than continuing to sell their bodies illegally?


Even if you google Are escorts illegal in X? in order to find out whether you can start an agency in your country, you still need to know how to protect yourself. 

We’ve already established that the question of Are escorts legal? can be a bit confusing in some parts of the world. Hopefully, the following tips should prevent you from having awkward brushes with the law, no matter where you are:


Research the Local Laws

Are escorts illegal in your country? Before dropping any money on starting an agency, you need to learn more about the local laws. You’d be surprised by how much sex work only seems illegal in some countries when in reality, it’s just poorly regulated. Either way, to stay on the good side of the law, you should learn what the rules of the game are and adhere to them at all times.


Make Sure the Government Gets Its Cut

How are escorts legal in some countries and have been for a while now? Well, it’s likely that those nations have seen how useful selling companionship can be. 

Tax revenue is just one of the many benefits, but in terms of money that the country can earn from this practice, it’s one of the greatest ones. By paying taxes for all the revenue you make, you will discourage the authorities from snooping around. You’re not hitting them on their wallets, and in the eyes of the law, your business is completely legal. 


Put It All in Writing to Avoid Confusion

Are escorts illegal and a taboo topic where you live? Perhaps another type of business would be more suitable in that case. But if they can be seen as legal, consider putting all your services in writing and clearly differentiating them from prostitution. If you have in writing that you only charge for companionship or modeling and that any sexual activities are a matter of choice between two consenting adults, you may be able to avoid legal problems.


Opt for Donations Instead

Are escorts legal, but only to a certain extent in your country? Having a contract for the services you offer will always be the best and the safest idea. However, if you would like to avoid such contracts, you might be able to earn an income by asking for donations instead. Basically, completely avoid talking about fees, charges, or costs; they don’t exist in your business. Instead, people who use your services can give donations and get companionship in return.


Consider Bigger Cities and Greater Populations

Are escorts illegal where you live, but you still want to establish an agency? Consider moving your business to a bigger city, preferably one with more than 750,000 people. The point is to fly under the radar and not have everyone snooping around you. The bigger the city is, the less likely that you will draw negative attention. Besides that, a bigger city automatically means a bigger client pool, so your potential income could be greater in that case as well.


Get a Small Business License

Are escorts illegal completely, or are there some ways you could make them legal in your country? As said, the laws are somewhat murky in certain parts of the globe. What’s certain, though, is that if you register the business to make it legitimate, you’re less likely to be suspicious. You can get a small business license and an ID that proves what you do is legitimate in the eyes of the law. 

Just don’t think you can then sit back and relax. Of course, you’re better off with a license — but try to fly under the radar as much as possible. Keep quiet about your work, and don’t share any potentially incriminating information with anyone you know.


So, Are Escorts Legal or Not?

What have we learned today? If you were wondering Are escorts legal?, you now know that it all depends on where you are and the interpretation of sex work laws in various regions of a specific country. 

Certain nations are working toward making sex work more legal than it is now, and some have already made it completely legitimate. But are escorts illegal in the greatest nations the globe has seen? Strangely enough, they are, to a certain extent. Those seen as somewhat liberal, such as the UK and the US, have yet to completely decriminalize it. 


There’s More Danger in Keeping Escorting Illegal

In the end, are escorts illegal in most countries despite how much harm that brings to sex workers? Unfortunately, that is correct. The reason behind the stigma and prohibition often stems from misunderstanding what escorts are. Many believe they are prostitutes and that they sell sex. In reality, they sell companionship — sex isn’t a service they offer. It’s a possibility, however, if two consenting adults want it to happen.

This stigma has made it difficult for sex workers to actually earn a proper income, keep their health in check, and steer clear of abuse, forced sex work, drugs, and more. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of seeing sex work as something immoral, we ought to consider the numerous benefits its legality can bring about. Tax revenue, reallocation of law enforcement resources, and a reduction in the spread of STDs are just some of them. There’s a lot more to be said about how it can help reduce human trafficking, allow victims to seek help without fear of repercussion, and help sex workers become valuable members of society.

So, are escorts illegal? In a great number of countries, escorting is a big no-no. However, the shining examples such as Austria and New Zealand may actually influence the rest of the globe to follow in their footsteps. Who knows? In just a few years, we might see a wave of legality wash over the whole world and finally give sex workers the rights they truly deserve.

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